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What to Bring

West Coast weather can change quickly!
  • bring layers of clothing such as a warm jacket and vest
  • hat and gloves
  • rain apparel just in case
  • rubber boots or rubber bottomed, non-slip, close-toed footwear (no sandals)
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • camera and film
  • lunch, snacks and beverages
  • Tidal Fishing Licences with Salmon Stamp
  • we have spare life vests if you do not have you own

Remember to bring any medications that you require.

Cooler for storing fish Don't forget your fish cooler(s) to off-load your fish!
Caring for Your Catch

Traveller Identification

International Travelers

  • When entering Canada, visitors will be asked to provide proof of citizenship. All vehicles should carry a motor vehicle registration form and proof of insurance. Vehicles not registered to the driver require a letter of authorization.

  • If you are coming from outside of Canada by air, passports will be required.

  • If you are coming from outside of Canada by land, identification to clear Canada Customs such as proof of citizenship (a birth certificate), and photo identification (a drivers's licence) will be required. Of course, a passport will cover both requirements and is recommended.

  • Canada Customs questions can be answered by visiting the Canada Border Services website, or by calling 1-800-461-9999 (within Canada only).

Please visit our Licences and Limits page for fishing regulations and our Getting Here page for maps, travel links and driving directions.

Ucluelet Shoreline, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
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